Supply Chain

From the project to the final product everything in a unique supply chain.

That is what leads every idea to its realisation in our company.

From project engineering and development to the other steps: millingturningboringdrillingmedium-heavy carpentry with certified welding and surface treatments, like painting or thermical surface treatments. We can also take care about the whole logistics, from packaging in our warehouse to the delivery to the final customer.

Our modern machines have higher performances in terms of feasability, times flexibility and consequently a better quality-price relationship.

Thanks to the wide technical expertise and experience of our employees, we are able to create every customized drawing part.


Technologies for milling, turning and thermal treatments

The milling department has a strategic importance in our company since we have a wide machine fleet that can produce every custom-made part

We put the best CNC machines to our customers’ disposal for turned parts with wide diameters and the realisation of high quality parts.

The thermal and surface treatments are all certified and have a relevant role in our production process.


In order to provide a top service to our customers we have bought many CNC machines and our milling machines can also work 12000 mm long and 3000 mm high axes.

Our know-how is not only based on experience and tradition, but also on our technologies: we want to provide our customers with the most modern solutions with the highest performances in order to give a top service and satisfy every need.


Thanks to our wide fleet we can work even on bar-turned pieces with diameters up to 80 mm and finishing-turned pieces with diameters up to 300 mm. Moreover, we are able to work with following materials: stainless steel, aluminium, alloys and cast iron.

Every phase is constantly monitored by measurement stations, therefore we can quickly have and memorize all relevant information about the stage and quality of our processes.

Our self-learning lathes can work up to 600 mm long and 4200 mm high diameters as well as on spindles and reels of higher dimensions thanks to the 210 mm passage bar.


During the thermal treatment the steel, the metal or the alloys undergo one or more heating cycles to give them better mechanical and technological features.  The phases of the treatment are: annealing, normalization, hardening and tempering and finally all our products are painted.


Quality and Service

We have always invested in technologies and human resources, which are constantly trained and stimulated through the team work.

This is our philosophy.

We strongly believe that team work together with our technological precision and know-how is the perfect strategy to cope with the continuous challenges of the global market and to reach the highest quality levels every day.

We provide more than 1.000 training hours per year to our personell about team work, problem solving, customer care as well as training about our products.
From production planning and programming, we follow our customer step by step providing them 360° technological solution and maximum flexibility for a complete, professional and dynamic service.

Company sustainability

Being sustainable for us means being aware of our responsibility towards the environment and reducing our environmental footprint is our goal.

For this reason, 100% of our energy is green: 45% is produced by our photovoltaic plant and the rest is bought from certified sources.

Here there are some examples of our performances:

With our photovoltaic plant we didn’t release 306.000 i Kg of CO2 in the atmosphere, which means 400.000 Kw of energy produced.

Our plants made through our Vettorello energy division produced 131.040 Mw, which cover the needs of 6.500 users.

Moreover, they can spare 6.762 Kgs of CO2 per year, which correspond to 11 trees.

Sono 306.000 i Kg di CO2 non immessi nell’atmosfera, pari a 400.000 Kilowatt di energia prodotta.

Sono 131.040 i Megawatt prodotti dalle centrali in quattro anni, fabbisogno pari al consumo di 6.500 utenze.

Sono 6.762 i Kg di CO2 all’anno risparmiati, pari a 11 alberi.